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The ones that keep you going

I got a really, really, freakishly amazing comment today. Occasionally, I’ll get notices from AFF or AO3 that someone’s read something I wrote, and they’re really nice to see crop up. They make me smile. And then I get comments like the following, that just…quite literally brought tears to my eyes.

 Body of review from wolfluv follows:

        WHERE DO I START?  I just found this story three days ago and I’ve just now caught up to this point and MY GOD I have been over whelmed with every emotion that the human race knows of.  This story has touch upon so many things and the way you’ve woven this story I can think of few others that have moved me so much… I am hoping for a happy ending… I want the poor Tengu in the clutches of that mad man to find his mate and be saved.  It sounds kinda sad but I even want the slaver that had the waterlord to find his own escape in a good way even though he’s done terrible things….  I think that the other waterlord “lady” is in cahoots with the mad man or she out for herself.  I want to meet the young waterlords mate that I’m sure he met in his dream when it told him to come back when he was grown and older.  I love the characters and the fantasy of them being who they are and how mixed in both physical and mental fashion that you have made them.  I can’t wait to read MORE of what your vivid imagination has so show us.  THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS WONDERFUL STORY WITH US!  I hope when you are able you will update.  Till then read YOU laters!

I just…I’ve been having such a hard time getting back into writing this story, and I’ve been struggling with it and I want to finish it, but I keep finding excuses not to. About a month or so ago, I made a journal on Y!Gallery that said I didn’t know if I cared to finish it. I didn’t know if people were reading it or wanted to know how it would end. Several of my friends spoke up and mentioned that they really did want to read the rest of the story Those lovelies made me decide to not throw it out just yet. But this…this makes me want to work on it. Actively. Because this silly, beautiful, horrible world I created six or seven years ago touched someone’s heart. And that’s really what all writers want. 

So to everyone who’s encouraged me, stuck with me, and even to those who read but never know what to say: Thank you. The words have come home once again because of you.

~ Kestrel-sama

BLACK FEATHERS.... I just got done reading it and I have left a review... If you wouldn't mind checking it out I would truly appreciate it. It's the story on Adult fanfiction... Your new fan wolfluv!

Thank you. Thank you so much. I got so many feels from your comment that I have to address them in a post proper. <3



I mean really, I’ve seen like three or four bunny-girls, I just want some equal representation here.


naruto x gaara on We Heart It -

My Naruto OTP &lt;3


naruto x gaara on We Heart It -

My Naruto OTP <3

Any guilty music pleasures? Music you're afraid to admit you like?








There’s not much about me that I’m “afraid” to admit, (possibly nothing, but I try not to use the words “nothing” or “never”) least of all taste in music.

I was once told that my taste made the word “eclectic” nervous. I love 60s rock, British invasion, 40s and 50s swing, 70s rock, 80s punk, 90s grunge and alternative, and all things in between. I listen to Elton John and Beethoven when I want to relax or be melancholy. I listen to acid rock at the gym. I like angry music with lyrics that throw around words with three and four syllables. I like music in German and Japanese, as long as the melody is strong enough that the words I don’t understand blend in well enough that I get the meaning. Like good opera. I’m not opposed to an excellent aria here or there, nor songs by Britney, Janet, Christina, Madonna, or the herd of boys bands that blew by us in the 90s and early 2000s. I enjoy few artists/bands with great depth, meaning I like one or two songs and move on, but I believe Aerosmith, Seether, Oakenfold, Enya, Kosheen, Alabama 3, Adele, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Cale Alexander, and Shinedown have the top spots of the moment. Subject to change. I’m big on soundtracks, collection of hits, and the thing that will sell me fastest on a song are the lyrics. I always hear the words. 

Thanks for asking!

kellywyre The real question is … it possible to charm you with banjo music?

afhenley: Yes. Yes it ENTIRELY is possible. 

*cues dueling banjos*

afhenley: Why yes, I do think you’d look charming while bent over a log and squealing like a… well. Less porcine and more homo…sapien, but yes. :D

How do these conversations always end with me bent over something? *eyes kellywyre*

Natural order of the evening, if you ask me. And oh look! You did. :D

*Nudges some Caravan Palace up in on this* 

Fucking&#8230;.dancer boys, man. 

Fucking….dancer boys, man. 

Obligatory Lego sex for kellywyre with Nathan and Fury, of her newest novel “Fight!” on sale now.

…and now I have Lego-dudes fucking in my office. Life is good ^.^


More five star love for FIGHT! Thank you so much.


I should have KNOWN BETTER because of this AUTHOR, but this evening I thought “Oh, I have a few hours to kill before bed, I’ll get a few chapters in before I have to go to bed and sleep like a normal person, because I have work in the morning”  Almost six hours later, I’ve finished it, and I’m still FOAMING AT THE MOUTH because of how fucking awesome it was. Incredible action, mouth-watering steaminess, grit, romance, characters that I adored within the first few chapters, and that very particular brand of Kelly Wyre phraseology that made me a hardcore addict of hers in the first place. 


the way you look at me…


afhenley…. Where… How??? Wow.